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Directed by Jessica Solce


"The refreshing result might very well be the most

important film about gun control made so far."

-Jose Solis, StageBuddy


"a really powerful portrait"

-Darren Aronofsky, Director

"fiercely provocative doc from a talented filmmaker, highly recommended"

-Rian Johnson, Director


"Director Jessica Solce just has to know there would be no easy way out of this."

-Christopher Stripp, SlashFilms

"explores the murky waters of gun rights, giving voice to advocates from both sides."
- The Huffington Post


'No Control' Documentary Explores Layered Absurdity 

Of The Gun Control Debate

James Thilman, Huffington Post



What Are We Protecting with Gun Laws?

Jessica Solce, The Daily Beast



"'No Control' Exclusive Trailer Explores

Controversial Gun Control Issues"

Casey Cipriani, Indiewire



Jessica Solce on Her Controversial

Documentary ‘No Control’

Jose Solis, Stage Buddy



A Fiery Debate Follows The World Permiere of

No Control at DOCNYC

Jacob Appet, DOCNYC




This Week In Trailers

Christopher Stripp, SlashFilms



DOC NYC Festival Hosts Controversial Gun Rights

Film ‘No Control’

Jordan Gold, Konbini


A Balanced Documentary on Gun Control? What Are the Odds?

Robert Farago, The Truth About Guns


Guest column: Badger Club meeting looks

at gun control issue

Andy Perdue, Tri-City Herald

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